Adobe Edge Animate: From 0 to 101

Interactive web animation have become the standard among websites. Whether the goal is to create a simple animated product presentation or a sophisticated, choreographed interactive animation, the requirements for authoring tools are becoming more and more complex. Until now, Adobe Flash dominated the motion world of the web. But proprietary systems are out and open web standards are in; the current trend is steadily moving toward HTML and CSS, which is where Adobe Edge Animate comes in. With Edge Animate, Adobe had created a new tool that allows web designers to create interactive and animated HTML content designed to work with any standards browser.

This book shows users what is possible with Adobe Edge. It covers every step of the Edge Animate workflow from creation to publication, including how results are implemented into websites and how they are extended with JavaScript/jQuery.

Author Simon Widjaja discusses the basics of the Edge Animate interface and tools, and reveals insider tips and tricks, including add-ons and extensions that go beyond the official functional range of the program, such as EdgeCommons with SoundJS, CMS, Parallax, and Logging.

Simon Widjaja is creative coder, author and IT-trainer driven by pure passion. As experienced Flash developer and Edge designer from the very beginning he introduces the reader to the new authoring tool using many practical examples. Working and writing in Cologne, Germany, he and his team build numerous Edge extensions like sound and CMS integration or adaptive layouts. On, Adobe TV as well as magazines he frequently releases news, tutorials and videos about Adobe Edge.

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